Walk with Nature

Geraldine Watkins 

Reflection of my Nature Walk. 

An invitation was sent out to our Philosophy Class by our tutor /philosopher Roland. 

I extended the invitation to my husband Dennis and my daughter Shannon (the one of the rock) . 

We did not know anyone in the group, we were greeted warmly by Liz, Jim and Mark. 

We were briefed about the 3 promises. 

  1. Discover and live by the laws governing the creation. 
  1. Remember the creator (YOUR SELF) – includes helping others – Fellow travellers of life being the Earth, people,  

Plants and animals. 

  1. Lead a useful life and return home to the Creator 

That was just the beginning. 

We went for a “walk with nature” and we were left to take in the beauty of the mountains, the rock, the beauty of the Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve. 

We each took a spot on a specific rock or place of beauty to stop and reflect and mediate for 20 minutes or more depending on yourself. 

The supreme beauty was breath-taking and powerful. 

You felt the presence of the beauty all around – the stillness of nature and creation dating back millions of years. 

After your mediation / stillness you then met  with your fellow likeminded people and we were spoilt with an eat and greet food and drinks and snacks for a chat and then you could walk back through nature and cliffs back to the entrance 

The time spent on this walk and with this group was one the best experiences I have ever had – it was a privilege to meet and share quality time with genuine human beings. 

My husband and daughter agreed that it was an “awe” inspiring, and enlightening, soulful day. 


Geraldine Watkins 

Reflection of my Nature Walk.