A Visit to Chartres Cathedral – France

chartres stained window

“The civilization and culture one lives in have certain sacred centres which arouse emotion. These centres should be found out and brought to notice in a way that they could see the underlying divinity in the outward manifestations of the culture and civilization…the emotional power would be aroused.”
Shri Shantananda Saraswati

Ginny Koumantarakis, a member of the School of Practical Philosophy will be speaking about her recent trip to Chartres Cathedral where she took a course in the Geometry of the Cathedral and its stained glass windows under the auspices of The Prince’s School of Traditional Art of London where she spent a week in this mysterious and intricate space.

chartres cathedral 1This Gothic Structure is one such centre as referred to in the above quote.

Venue: The School of Practical Philosophy
130 Stamford Hill Road
Time: Thursday 13 November 2014
6.45 for 7.00pm
Cost: R30.00

Refreshments will be served.