Truth Never Changes – Words from a Friend


This note was sent to Peter Worman by one of our ex DBN students who has retired to the Western Cape

A few thoughts from an old man who has spent many years trying to understand Truth and has so far failed.
It is possible to study and work for many years but the value of this Teaching is only of value when it becomes a practical part of ones life.
As one grows old faculties start to fail but the essence of being remains bright.
Normal life takes on new dimensions and priorities, where ego has less control and influence.
The finding if inner peace and stillness is accepted as an important and stimulating exercise.
The button for joy and happiness is Love, which is bountiful in availability.
Difficulties and problems are given by the Absolute in order to allow growth and understanding.
It seems impossible at times to live in accordance with what we claim we believe and think we understand.
Death becomes understood as the culmination and final balancing of ones physical life and is accepted without rancour or regret..
Truth never changes and is always full of Love and is beyond the mind .