Truly In Touch

From the SOP’s Wisdom Works by William Wray

Everybody wants to be in touch or to keep in touch.  When we are out of touch we can never quite get it together, and when we lose touch we lose something of profound importance, our friends and those we love.  We may even feel at times that we have lost touch with life itself, and in doing that the alienation begins and nothing has much meaning any more.

Yet, despite all this, lying at the heart of our perception of life is the consciousness that allows for connection of all kind. Without consciousness nothing could be seen or understood. To be truly in touch we must first come to an ever deeper recognition of our all empowering energy, that very thing that gives vitality to life. When we acknowledge that, the divisions disappear.
With awareness of the abiding presence of our inner power, we become more in tune with all that is around us. What arises is the harmonisation of the inner and outer and the recognition that our fragmented lives which can easily be experienced as so much separation, division and conflict may be made whole and complete.

Practice:  Rather than holding back, reach out and meet the moment.