The Knowing. By Jody Moran

Can you fin1d what you are looking for? I can help you?

No, it’s not outside.

Try inside? You should find it there.

Are you searching with your eyes? I don’t think the eyes can see it.

You have beautiful eyes, but they can’t help you.

Look again, close your eyes, that can help. No, you can’t feel it, well not with your hands. Can you feel it?

Do you really want it? Let it go. All of it. Don’t worry, you will get more in return. But also don’t bet on that, it doesn’t work that way.

It’s easy I promise, and lovely, you don’t have to do anything, you already have it, it’s there, just hiding. Don’t be fooled, it’s not this or that, are you getting it?

Not yet? Its OK let’s try again. And again.

Did you feel it? Don’t worry, you will.

Now don’t take it for granted, you need to repeat this, all the time,

Oh and you will get lost, a lot.

Did you get lost, did you lose it? It’s OK I will help you find it again, we all will.

It’s always easier after you have it once, even if you get a little of it, it’s wonderful.

I hope you can hold onto it, but don’t keep it either.

Let everyone have it, then it gets bigger. And when that happens well then, we really have something special, but remember don’t own it, that won’t go well. It’s not just for you.