Successful Outreach by Combined South African Schools

Due to the high amount of interest the combined South African Schools decided to offer our Practical Philosophy Introductory Course online under the auspices of the Gauteng school including tutors from KZN and Cape Town, with the new classes starting in September 2020, one lesson per week for ten weeks.

The outreach was a success students registered from all over South Africa and the original three groups contemplated was expanded to five groups.

From the first week practical exercises and philosophical concepts are introduced for students to consider, carry out and observe during the ensuing week.

After the first week the students in one group remembered the Awareness Exercise and reported that it brought about peace. One student slept better. A few had connected with the exercise during moments of stress during the day and stated this had alleviated the stress and tension.

Another reported missing the group and realizing how valuable the good company is.

Online classes are here to stay and will be offered again in 2021.

The school will announce and advertise when face to face courses will resume as the Covid -19 lockdown unfolds.