School of Practical Philosophy – Pietermaritzburg 2015

butterflySo much we do in life seems to be without a fuller, more significant, purpose. Sometimes we are lucky enough to encounter a way of living that changes everything, for the better. For over forty years the School of Practical Philosophy has provided a consistent and clear connection with ancient and modern teachings.

For many of us this is a pathway we never dreamed existed but as we learn in this knowledge, we grow in happiness and strengthen in ourselves a deeper sense of purpose. Although the school is spiritual it does not advocate any denomination or particular religious tradition – all are welcome! Rather, it seeks to understand and build on the essential teachings that underpin much of contemporary spiritual thought. In learning this way, through dialogue classes where the emphasis is in sharing ideas and insights, and putting ideas into practice, one learns that caring for others and finding a bigger picture is not only possible but a supreme reason for living!

Some thoughts from members of the Philosophy School:

“Studying philosophy has kept life fresh and interesting. I am able to be objective and less limited by past conditioning. It has given me courage to feel deeply without being afraid of becoming lost. I have an inner steadiness and calm which endures through any storm. I have learnt the freedom of complete honesty and and the value of good company. I am never alone.”

“Studying Practical Philosophy has not only brought depth, understanding and meaning to my life, but showed me how to experience true joy and happiness.”

“The School of Philosophy offers me the valuable opportunity to contemplate and express my basic concepts of life; and the chance to reflect on the ideas of the like-minded people in my class.”

“I go to the Philosophy School because it has helped me think about things I had not given much thought to before. It has helped me to think in a different way and to find new perspective on life, to focus on working out what is important, and to rediscover some of the joy in life which was there all the time. And it is great to do this with a fun bunch of people who are also searching and thinking and wanting to understand. It can lead you to a new dimension in your faith. It gives you time to just be.”

“I worry less, am more focused, alert and empathetic…I like to think!”

The next Philosophy course begins on 27 January 2015. Evening Classes are held from 7-9pm each Tuesday evening for nine weeks. The introductory course is free and all are welcome. Morning Classes begin on 28 January 2015 from 9 – 11.30am.

The Philosophy School is at 240 West Street – this is the corner of West and Burger St (guarded parking in Burger Street is available). Just arrive 15 minutes before the start to register on the first evening.

Call Kim 071 4233468 or Ingrid 082 559 7274 with any queries.