School Journey by Di Himsworth

When I was 27 when I joined the School of Philosophy which, in those days, had premises in Montpelier Road.

I must confess that I understood very little of what was being said in the first few weeks – awareness, realization, enlightenment, meditation – were not words that fitted into my life with two young children.  And even our best book store had virtually nothing to offer under these headings.

Unlike today – 40 years down the line!

Yet strangely, despite this rather rocky start, I knew that I had found what I had been searching for.

Or perhaps, what had been quietly calling me to search!

I discovered that meditation was not reserved for people in India or The Beatles.  Meditation has guided the life and become the single most important aspect of each day.

A whole new world opened up in terms of literature;  uncovering the unity in Humanity was mind blowing;  an understanding of Love changed every long-held belief;  and friendships were forged in Truth and Happiness.

Of course the study of Philosophy does not mean that you escape all the ups and downs of everyday life – but how you deal with this, with reason and an open heart, makes a huge difference – both to yourself and those around you.

There is deep seated gratitude for the Teachers of the Advaita Tradition – an honour to follow in their footsteps.

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