Satsang – a Weekend Retreat at the Durban School

By Geraldine Somerset

The School of Philosophy Durban recently held a weekend retreat – Satsang for meditating groups from Pietermaritzburg, Hillcrest, Ballito and Durban schools.

In line with the teachings of the School of Philosophy, Satsang is an important aspect of spiritual practice in one’s spiritual journey. This is especially true when one starts their personal spiritual journey. For the more experienced person, Satsang becomes an opportunity to serve.

New Concepts of Learning

In our stressed and pressured life today there are always new concepts and ideas of learning which often give rise to more questions. For those on a spiritual journey it’s important that questions or doubts are answered so that one’s spiritual journey can continue unobstructed.

Attending Satsang awakens the desire for contact with a higher power. It enhances perceptions of others and creates a need for more contemplation, reflection and continued meditation.

At this retreat, attendees strive to enhance their meditation techniques in order to achieve a higher level of wellness and well being.

Unanswered Questions

“By attending Satsang, unanswered questions that I have in my mind are answered without me actually asking the question” says Geraldine Somerset a twenty five year member of the School of Philosophy. “One can feel the strength in the group attending the Satsang, as collective learning and understanding takes place.”

According to the Vedanta

Satsang helps to recharge our ‘spiritual batteries’. According to the Vedanta teachings, the universe is made up of three basic subtle elements or gunas– Sattva, Raja and Tama.

  • Sattva represents purity, wholesomeness, and virtue
  • Rajas represents confusion, action and passion, while
  • Tamas represents darkness, destructive, chaotic and inertia

The gunas tell us whether we are genuinely moving forward in life (sattva), running in place (rajas), or losing our way (tamas). These subtle vibrations of the three gunas are present in everyone and everything. All that differs is the proportion.

More Mindfulness

As the depth of our spirituality grows there’s a noticible difference in the quality of our life and the ability to focus our attention which gives way to more mindfulness. The Satsang attendees share experiences and encourage each other in pursuit of deeper understanding. After the Satsang, attendees are filled with spiritual abundance which inspires us to persevere on this path. Thinking on one’s own spiritual experiences or listening to others’ experiences increases our faith in spiritual practice.

“When attending Satsang I am in good company seeking the truth. Whenever something increases the experience of the Truth, it opens the Heart and quiets the mind. Satsang gives spiritual illumination and is fundamental in attaining enlightenment.

The glow and power of Satsang is indescribable. The spiritual vibration and the powerful currents produce a tremendous influence on my mind. The association through the ages with holy sages instills wisdom and love. Service purifies the mind. For me Satsang is the easiest and quickest way to stay in tune with the universe.” Geraldine explains.