Hillcrest: Quarterly Satsanga at the School of Philosophy

I had the pleasure of attending our quarterly Satsanga at the School of philosophy in Hillcrest. What Satsanga means is gathering together for the truth or seeking the truth. Its such a delightful experience to participate with fellow students. 

The Satsanga has a common format or theme set for each day, this includes meditation, small group study, physical activity such as food preparation, woodwork, gardening etc. The study is set around a particular subject and allows the students the opportunity to investigate, question and learn together and from each other’s experiences.

The understanding is that whenever something increases your experience of the Truth, it opens your Heart and quiets your mind. We were given the opportunity to practice mindfulness, paying attention and being in the moment. This is such an amazing path of discovery. My experience is wakening the senses, being able to expand on the here and now and trusting beyond just the physical body. There is a great shift in energy.

Its always a great opportunity to learn.