Public Talk on Turkey in February 2017


The Archaeological Society of South Africa put together a fascinating tour of Southern Anatolia and it was exactly here that the history I was fascinated with as a young girl had taken place…Babylon and King Hammurabi, Mesopotamia, the fertile land between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, Assyria, petroglyphs in the mountains of Kar and more..

The more is the excavation site of Gobeklitepe which brought to light a temple now 12,000 years old, making this the oldest building to date!

I will be giving a presentation on Thursday 16 February 2017 at 6.45 pm, at the School house in Durban.

Look forward to sharing the great experiences.

Ginny Koumantarakis

The Talk will be held at the School in Durban  on Thursday 16 February 2017 from 18:45 to 21:00.   Cost R30.