10 Week Introductory Philosophy Course – Online


Beginning: The Week of January 7th and February 5th

A course designed for thoughtful men and women who seek an understanding of the nature of humanity and of the world in which we live, this introductory course shows how great philosophic ideas of the past and present may be put to effective practical use in daily life.

The course inquires into the meaning of human existence, the levels of consciousness, natural law, thought, feeling and action, and mankind’s functions and possibilities.

This January, Practical Philosophy Online will be offering its Introductory Philosophy Course via a live, online, interactive format. Not a text-based chat-room, this enjoyable conversational format allows the entire class to be heard and seen via the internet.

The 10 week, online course, at 1 hour a week, covers the first five weeks of the traditional two-hour classroom’s syllabus offered at branch locations in the United States and around the world.

The aim of philosophy is to set people free: free from pressure, free to grow, free to be themselves.

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If you have questions, please write to info@practicalphilosophyonline.org