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online1The programme of online classes has people from all over the world attending.  Students only need to have an internet connection and a computer.

Practical Philosophy Online

By Christine Lambie, London

Have you ever felt bored, lonely, or in need of a new challenge? All you need is a tickling curiosity about philosophy, a computer with camera and speakers, and an hour each week.  You don’t even need to leave your home.

Now called Practical Philosophy Online (PPO), this rapidly expanding enterprise has its own new independent website.  Economics and Sanskrit (for philosophy students) courses are also available.  Philosophy is also offered in Spanish – click on the Spanish flag on the navigation bar to translate the site.

Have a look at the brand-new website: PracticalPhilosophyOnline

It all began . . .
in 2008 with a few students who had moved away from New York.  In the winter of 2009 the first introductory online philosophy class started.  Now there are around 50 online classes, with students from 58 countries (since inception).

The classes are ideal for students at all levels, from introductory to senior.  Unlike most online internet classes, PPO follows the format of groups in the School: every online group has an online tutor – it’s personal.  People quickly get to know other group members.  Where people continue in the School and finally meet in a physical location, it’s very exciting to meet face to face.

One student writes: ‘Having been housebound for several months, the opportunity to join an online class has been a blessing.  Right from the beginning, the experience and knowledge from each student has added enormously to our enjoyment.  The energy gained from the group is indispensible; the material is both stimulating and challenging.  Above all, the congenial company of the weekly meeting leaves me with a great feeling of warmth and satisfaction.  Special thanks and love to our tutor.’
Online philosopher  

How it works
Randolph Kraus, senior student in New York and Principal of PPO, has worked tirelessly (ok, he gets tired sometimes) creating the system from its inception.  He adeptly juggles time zones and northern/southern hemisphere differences to puzzle the whole system together, ‘building classrooms’ and devising slides and googledocs . . .

Learn how it works in 9 mins

Worried about understanding the technology?

It’s pretty easy.  Watch the clip on UTube for how it works i.e. orientation on the software.

You're most likely to meet Randolph online
You’re most likely to meet Randolph online

Message from Randolph

‘The whole adventure excites me because I see directly the benefit of bringing the School’s teaching to areas of the world where it has never been available.

For those who were in the School and love it, but for whatever reason life pulled them away – now we can reconnect them.  As much as I take on the role of the ‘evangelist’ for the online classes, I’m the first to encourage any of our students if they can, to migrate to a bricks-and-mortar setting.  But there are many who simply cannot attend a traditional branch . . .  and so I am very passionate about providing this to anyone from Alaska to Albania, from Texas to Tasmania.

No need to stop attending
Leaving because you had to move?  When someone says, ‘Such a shame, I have to stop classes as I’m going to A Random Country’ – we hope you will immediately think: ‘No need to stop.  Go to PracticalPhilosophyOnline.’  We look forward to meeting you.

Need any help?  We love helping people.  Write to PPO.  Enrol now.

Our window is always open!

If you would rather attend a course in person, please have a look at the Schools in Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Highway or Ballito.