Memories of the Early Years of Saturday School – Part 4

By Anne James

Teenagers are the same world-wide!

While attending a Ladies’ week long Retreat at Nanpanton Hall in England, at the general evening meeting, all attending, Mr. Boddy announced that during the following morning, Mrs James would address a group of older teenage girls, for an hour, on the Saturday School in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. These girls had been invited to an introductory week  of fine study and attention and were still attending school in England.

Recovering, slightly from the shock, the next day we assembled in a room, not set up in the usual school pattern, all a bit random and about 12 teenagers (with attitude), draped all over the floor and chairs, some under the table!

Experience came to the rescue, so having made sure that I could see every face, the Saturday School story commenced and that was easy. At the end of the hour the girls were enthused, and when Mr. Boddy then announced that they would clean the ladies cars for a fee, they got stuck in, even in the rain wearing cut out plastic bags.

There was so much money raised that Mr. Scully had to come with me to Heathrow and foreign exchange to organise my passport details.

Before leaving South Africa, on holiday in the Cape an old friend had lovingly given me yards of very good quality bright red cross-stitch material for the Saturday School girls. Embroidery cottons had been donated and we set to.

After a full term we were informed of a parcel arriving from England. It was from the girls who had been at Nanpanton, England. They had fund-raised for a term specifically for the Saturday School in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Perfectly wound onto cardboard  discs and placed in their compartments were masses of beautiful colours of embroidery cottons. How to describe the joy of opening those boxes!

Love provides all.