Meditation leads to Happiness

Durban School student Busisiwe put the following message on the WhatsApp feed:



When I saw this Ted Talk, I remembered the session we had about Injustice,
We learnt that Injustice can be self inflicted by choosing the 6 tyrants or any of the 6 tyrants to be dominant constantly. It give me such hope and liberation to know that I can choose happiness 😊 as a state of mind and the wonderful thing is I can cultivate it through the exercises that the Practical School of Philosophy has given us. So let us be of good Cheer friends. Have a pleasant, blessed and blissful life

Heren replied:

I watched the Ted Talk yesterday morning and support Busisiwe in its essential direction.
An Awareness arising from moments of stillness to twice daily 30 mins of Meditation all lead to levels and depths of Happiness. Each of us and those around us can benefit from the subtle cultivation of this most natural permanent state.