Meditation in the Mountains – a Beautiful Walk in the Berg

The School of Philosophy did a Meditation in the Mountains and a hike on Saturday the 26th January starting at the Sani Lodge Backpackers (near Himeville).  They walked 5km to the lunch spot at a beautiful waterfall and then 6km back on a different path.  The verdict was “Steep at times and uneven – some fitness needed.”

MaNgcobo Gumede and her husband were part of the group. She testifies: I joined The School of Practical Philosophy in January 2018. I am proud to say through this journey I discovered who  MaNgcobo Gumede really is.

Through meditation I have discovered bliss, peace, how to love unconditionally and that I am the key to my happiness.

Minds also need fitness exercises. This fitness can be attained through meditation. 

Looking back I can safely say I never really lived because I was always living in the past and the future. The School taught me how to become still by living in the present.

Moreover I have learned that everything I have ever wished for is within me. I don’t have to look externally. My active mind was not fully connected to my senses and it was more in control than my intelligent mind. These things I discovered that through practical philosophy and as I learn more I am gaining wisdom.

Meditation is life. Its bring practicality to the universe in its truthfulness as opposed to the worldview.