Marcilio Ficino Public Talk a Great Success

By Ginny Koumantarakis

Marcilio Ficino was a Renaissance man in the true sense – a medical doctor, a priest, a philosopher, a student who had the privilege of many ancient manuscripts at his disposal, and the energy and ability to make good use of them.

He was a Florentine philosopher, translator, and commentator, largely responsible for the revival of Plato and Platonism in the Renaissance.

Ficino associated with many well known and important people in Florence and his letters to them give us great insight into the period known as the Renaissance.

These volumes of his letters translated by numerous overseas scholars of the School of Philosophy have opened up Ficino’s work to the greater public.

Eight volumes of letters have been translated  by the Language team of the school in London under the leadership of scholar Clement Salaman.

A very interesting and informative talk!