Leadership by Peter Worman

This is a 10 part series that explores the art of effective leadership.

The first point to note is that one should not strive to be a leader but should rather take up the role when a need becomes obvious or necessary.

Secondly I do not claim to be an expert in leadership issues but as a lover of truth and a practicing philosopher, I look to the writings from all sources and traditions that I deem truthful. I do however have a particular love for the writings of Plato

Lastly, these writings are not exhaustive and my primary aim of for these words to inspire inward reflection by the readers thereof and to pursue their own journeys toward Statesmanship.



“One thing remained constant throughout those turbulent times was my involvement at the School of Practical Philosophy which provided me with much needed support and guidance. I was also introduced to many philosophical practices like allowing the mind to fall still, questioning everything, the value of service and most importantly, the practice of meditation. I will always be grateful for the teaching as it provided an ever-fixed reference point that helped me avoid many pitfalls.”

Peter Worman


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