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Fees/Imali Yokufunda:    After the free introductory session when the decision is made to attend the course, a fee of R400 will be payable for the first term  – 23 July to 19 September 2016.

(There is a monetary gift to be made in the seventh week when the student is actually taught to meditate.)

A further fee of R400 will  be payable for the second term which commences on Monday 10 October 2016 – 5 December 2016.



Part one – Course Content

Introductory Session – Saturday 23rd July 2016 – 8:45am to 11am.

The introductory session is compulsory

  • Welcome
  • About the School
  • Why Meditate?
  • About the Method of Meditation Offered
  • Changing or Mixing of Disciplines
  • What Meditation is designed to Do
  • Observable Benefits of Meditation
  • Course Content
  • Practical Exercise
  • Financial Considerations
  • Going Forward

Session One – Monday 25th July 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.

  • Terms used in the Course
  • The Oral Tradition
  • The use of Sanskrit Terminology
  • The ‘Pause’
  • Use of the term ‘His Holiness’
  • The Holy Tradition
  • The Small Cannot Satisfy the Large
  • The Practice of the Exercise

Session Two – Monday 1nd August 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.

  • Mr MacLaren on Meditation (Recording)
  • Going Behind the Stage
  • Playing One’s part according to time and place
  • The Three forces or Energies
  • The ‘About the School’ booklet
  • The Practice of the Exercise

Session Three – Monday 8th August 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.

  • The Active Mind
  • The Ego
  • The Intellect
  • Practising the Exercise
  • Self-Remembering and Meditation
  • Meditation a way of experiencing the knowledge
  • What do you meditate on?
  • What is practised in mantra meditation?
  • Mantras, different properties according to their nature

Session Four – Monday 15th August 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.

  • The Intellect – free of ‘Me’ Considerations
  • The Two Minds in Action – Practical example
  • Cleverness and Wisdom – Practical example
  • Strengthening our Power of Attention – Practical exercise
  • To Look Within and Mantra Meditation
  • Strengthening Our Power of Attention

Session Five – Saturday 20th August 2016– 9am to 11am.

  • Intellect and Stillness
  • Causal Aspect of the Mind
  • Summary of the Unenlightened Mind
  • Extended Practice of the Exercise
  • Mantra and Meditation
  • Meditation the Master Key

Session Six – Monday 22nd August 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.

  • What is Meditation
  • The Four Levels of Speech
  • Tradition behind the Meditation
  • Extended Practice of the Exercise
  • The Force of the Tradition

Session Seven – Monday 29th August 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.

  • Levels of Speech in Relation to the Mantra
  • What are the Practical Requirements?
  • How do I Proceed?
  • Extended Practice of the Exercise
  • Developing the Power of Attention – Practical Exercise

Session Eight – Monday 5th September 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.

  • Levels of Speech; Sound, Vibration and Mantra
  • Introduction to Sounding Practice
  • Practice of Meditation as a Group
  • Review of the Term
  • Extended practice of the Exercise
  • Introduction to the ‘Pause’
  • Tutorials

Session Nine – Monday 12th September 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.

  • Mantra, Sounding and Group Meditation
  • Embracing the ’Pause’
  • To establish this in the midst of one’s daily activities
  • To Be What We Are
  • In order to be what we are; we have to come out of what we are not.

Session Ten – Monday 10th October 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.

  • Mantra, Sounding and Group Meditation
  • Getting that Donkey out of the Mind
  • Illustration of the need to not struggle with thoughts during the practice of meditation
  • Why Study Philosophy?
  • Meditation the Master Key, philosophy asks the Master Questions
  • Philosophy is the love of wisdom and wisdom is true knowledge of the Self

Session Eleven – Monday 17th October 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.

  • Sounding and Group Meditation
  • Overview of Next Terms Course Content
  • The School – Dwelling Place for Meditation and Knowledge
  • Practices for Week

Part 2 – Course Content (Incorporating Part 1 or F1 Philosophy)Session One – Monday 24th October 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.Meditation: Employing the mind to the mantra; the provision of spiritual energy; the simplicity of meditation.Philosophy: The wisdom within; why study philosophy? Philosophy and wisdom; what is wisdom? Being and awareness.
Session Two – Monday 31st October 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.Meditation: Centering the mind on the mantra; finding the natural rhythm; providing spiritual energy.Philosophy: Self-knowledge. Know thyself; looking within; need for a clear mind; distinguishing between the constant and unchanging.
Session Three – Monday 7th November 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.Meditation: The importance of stilling the eyes and the ears;Philosophy: The levels of awareness; being awake; the qualities of higher consciousness; the present moment;
Session Four – Monday 14thth November 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.Meditation: More on the stilling of the ears.Philosophy: Attending to the present moment; the power of attention; four states of attention.
Session Five – Monday 21st November 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm. Meditation: Keeping the eyes still and listening to the mantra: the cleansing effect of the mantra; the need for care and attention in the listening.Philosophy: Living justly; the nature of justice and injustice; relationship between justice and wisdom; the six tyrants that tyrannise the soul; living justly relates to the present moment.
Session Six – Monday 28th November 2016 – 6:45pm to 9pm.Meditation: Further penetration on the practice of listening to the mantra; the cleansing effect of the mantra; total rest and awareness of Self.Philosophy: The three-fold energy. What is energy, its nature and use? Misuse of energy; the transcendent Self. Recess until January 2017

The Initiation Ceremony – Saturday 3rd September and Sunday 4th September 2016 (if necessary)

Students learn to meditate one at a time by appointment – each appointment is one hour long.

Students Individual Meditation check – 30 min. appointments during the week 5th September

2016 to 11th September 2016

Students Individual Meditation check – 30min. appointment during the week 12th September to

18th September 2016

Recess until Monday 10th October 2016