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I’ve really enjoyed this exercise- its created perspective for me. Still have a way to go but in many ways I feel I have taken a first step towards a goal I have always wanted but didn’t know how to get to.

What have I gained?

A much greater sense of awareness of my behaviour and others behaviours that I didn’t have before. I am so aware now and questioning more than ever.

A strength I didnt know I had by speaking my truth in moments where I would usually make up excuses.

A huge sense of belonging with my philosophy group- this had been a big one for me. It was lacking in my life.

The beginnings of clarity in certain aspects of my life.

A greater sense of Self and discovering who I really am- first baby steps.

Asking myself the really hard questions.

What have I lost?

The first step in losing the constant and crippling need to please everyone around me at the expense of myself.

The need to always say yes.

A tad of the anxiety I live with. Noticing subtle changes.

Certain types of attachments- realizing that stuff is just stuff and not getting sucked into the keeping up with the Jones mentality and comparing with the ‘perfect’ around me.

What have I put down?

Guilt- the first step in putting it down and letting it go. I am aware of it.

I am not perfect and that is ok- I can make mistakes. Putting down the pressure to be perfect.

Working on the idea that if I have a bad day and don’t practice my exercises that it’s ok and I havent failed- every day is a fresh day ( wise words from a wise lady 😘 )

The way I am so hard on myself. To be more gentle and accepting of myself.

Philosophy has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of living a life of peace and purpose and chaos doesn’t have to reign. I have so enjoyed this year and want to thank my tutor from the bottom of my heart for her kindness and wisdom.

I look forward to continuing the journey

Deanne Allen

What have I Gained?

So much new perspective; a greater awareness of the Self; the opportunity for further spiritual growth by greater involvement in the school next year

What have I lost?

Some of my concerns around matters of the small self; the anxiety I initially felt around meditating “correctly”

What have I put aside?

The need to be in control of every situation as I learn to let go and embrace my choice to surrender.

Janine Wright