Learn to Meditate Properly


The School uses a method of mantra meditation based on a tradition which has existed since man existed. It is a technique that is simple and easily learned not requiring lengthy periods of practice. This form of meditation is practical for everyday living, it is a method that cultivates inner stillness and peace.

Meditation was introduced to the west in the 1960’s, in the mid 1960’s the School made contact with a leading figure of the Vedantic tradition in India, Maharaja Shri Shantananda Saraswati, from whom it received invaluable guidance in the study and practice of philosophy and meditation for over 30 years. The school offers not only the introduction to the meditation but a life-time of care for the practice.

Course: Learn to Meditate Properly

Contact: Ingrid 082 8963919

Venue: St James School for Girls and Boys, 130 Mathews Meyiwa Road (formerly Stamford Hill Road), entrance in De Mazenod Road, Greyville Durban.

Duration: Our courses are ongoing in terms (modules) of nine weeks, four terms (modules) per annum. The first term commences Saturday 21st January 2017 to Friday 24th March 2017.

At the end of the first nine weeks students are technically able to meditate properly and are invited to return for the second term of nine weeks when the practice of meditation is combined with an introduction to philosophy, these subjects complement one another.

Meditation is available to all who wish to receive it regardless of faith creed or persuasion, no prior knowledge or experience is necessary to attend the course. Classes are conducted in informal groups with the opportunity to enjoy fellowship and interaction with like-minded people.

Fees: The fee is R400 per nine-week term. There is a monetary gift to be made in the seventh week of the first term only when the student is actually taught to meditate.

Learn to Meditate Properly Course Content

There is a monetary gift to be made in the seventh week when the student is actually taught to meditate.

What is the Reason for the Gift?

This tradition has always included setting some value on the meditation. By doing so it helps to ensure that the meditation is takmeditation grp Jan2015en up in the right spirit and that because the resolution has been tested, there will be sufficient strength to establish it as an important aspect of one’s life. If no value is set on the meditation it may be regarded as cheap or insignificant.

In the East, very often those desiring to meditate would seek a teacher and serve him fully for a good period of time before being introduced to the practice. When meditation was introduced to the West this was seen not to be practical. In place of service the person to be introduced to meditation was asked to donate the fruit of one week’s labour.

This however is not necessarily possible now. People are therefore asked to make a generous donation, which does not cause hardship but which recognizes their own value and commitment to the practice.

The funds received are used to help make meditation available to others. No personal profit is made from this.

The purpose of raising this subject at this stage is to give everyone a chance to reflect on it and time to ensure that they will have a sufficient sum of money available, if the decision is to proceed to the introduction of this practice.

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