Fire Department to the Rescue as the Sign gets Blown Over


The sign at the Durban School of Philosophy crashed down in heavy wind on 14th November 2014.

For the past decade the sign was the advertising board for St James School for Girls and Boys (the primary school that operates during the day) and the School of Philosophy which operates in the evenings and over the weekends from the same premises.











The City Fire department came to the rescue. “The Fire Department was very helpful. We had efficient and friendly service and were very impressed with their professionalism,” said a representative of the School. “When they arrived, the sign was waving up and down over a busy pavement and the parking space in the street.”

For those who are interested, the Fire Department removed the sign and left it in the front of the premises where members of the school cut it up and carried it out of the playground.

There are no plans for the sign to be replaced.