Fearlessness and the Absence of Worry

This term the theme in our philosophy group is Fearlessness and the Absence of Worry.

This week we were asked to consider:

People ask what is the use of this philosophy in practical life.  Without philosophy i.e. allowing reason to work, there was involvement without any chance of escape. In the daily life we are involved in the act of living which has its pushes and pulls, and one can live it as merry-go-round and feel as if you cannot get off. We would love more peace and harmony.”

We had to agree that with good guidance and good company, this philosophy of how to live one’s life, teaches step by step, degrees of acuteness of attention; constancy in expression; as well as a decrease in worries and confusion that one often finds oneself in.

The philosophy – (philosophy meaning ‘a love of wisdom), is a philosophy of Advaita (Being at Oneness).

Research into truth and untruth is very necessary. The main benefit of the school is, it provides a space for young and old to find commonality in the realised importance of calming the mind and developing the inner being. The school offers a sense of community beyond the teachings of meditation and ancient knowledge and instils a great respect for the older members of that community as well as greater society.

The benefits of meditation are being broadcast on every social platform as the pandemic has shrunk the world of the individual. There is a push towards taking moments for yourself and caring for your body, with yoga dieting and meditation at the top of this list. There are numerous apps around which are geared towards assisting people to meditate and the school provides this assistance on a one to one basis.

The school is a place to come and explore the long forgotten – all are welcome.

contributed by Anne James