Elements and Senses – a Reflection

By Ginny

SPACE: When we fall still, we enter into a great space, into a feeling of existence – an expansion that includes everything. Space is great indeed, for it has no limit.  Though it appears as space, it is full, full of fine substance.

How may it be known.. as SOUND

AIR: This subtle element, fills everything and supports everything.  Air regulates and holds the body together, and once vital air passes from the body, it falls to disintegrate.  It is known by TOUCH

FIRE: This element causes form to appear so it may be seen.  It gives us light and heat.  This is subtle light that illuminates the mind and all this Creation. I SEE.

WATER:  This subtle element holds everything together.  It is the bonding force in the creation through which forms are held, without which they would disintegrate and disperse in space. It is bright and clear with the power of reflection. Known as TASTE.

EARTH:  This glorious element has the beautiful property of bringing seeds to birth, of nourishing growing things to provide food and shelter.  It manifests and is known as SMELL.