Durban School Sanskrit Study Group’s Last Meeting of 2018

This was the last lesson of the year of a Durban School Sanskrit study group who meet in the main room of the Durban School every Saturday morning.

This group studies Sanskrit for an hour followed by and hour of studying the Conversations between School leaders and his Holiness Sri Shantananda Saraswati every Saturday morning under the able tutorship of Dr Johann Erasmus who has brought the group a long way in the understanding, enjoyment and appreciation of both subjects.

Sanskrit writing – image from Ficino School

Some comments from group members

“Why study Sanskrit? It is not only the precision of grammar that is revealed but something of the laws of creation. The group experience has been most uplifting.” Sara

“The beauty of Sanskrit is that it opens up not only the natural laws of grammar but shows how it applies to our everyday lives.” Student

“Sanskrit is an ancient language pure and perfect because it has all the Laws of Nature as its basics. Language is for human communication – thus a language based on the Laws of Nature will keep the communication pure. The whole of its grammatical structure is held in universal Law. Thus the Sanskrit language has the capacity to keep communication pure.” Student