Durban School of Philosophy Celebrates Teachers’ Day

Teacher’s day celebrated at the Durban School of Philosophy Sunday 11 August 2019.

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated annually. This is a day to honor teachers and teacher organizations. Teachers make a vital contribution to the education and development of our future leaders.

Natural discipline generates a special kind of bliss which is very deep. This is a type of self-surrender to the Self. ~ Sri Vāsudevānanda Saraswati

When Mahārāja Sri Vāsudevānanda Saraswati was asked for a message for those in the School around the world, he replied:

While advancing your sādhanā (discipline), while experiencing the ādhyātmika (the Supreme Self), endeavour to take your life toward the paramārtha (spiritual).

This is my message for them and these are my auspicious wishes ~ 14 February 2019