Durban School Garden – Restoring our Small Corner of the World

At one of our Sunday Study Group meetings one of the ladies said how on one of her walks she had discovered a field that had been planted with ‘spekboom’plants in the form of a maze.

I had never heard of it but this miracle plant was creating a buzz.  The same lady announced that “its real power lies in its ability to tackle carbon emissions”. So a seed was planted…to put more loving attention on our small garden and make it healthier for our younger students.

The following Sunday was a Meditation morning and many students were in attendance, so it was decided to put into action this vision.  A small group was rounded up and a plan began to take form.

The impossible became possible when one student announced he had a chainsaw, and would gladly come and cut down the huge banana plants that had overtaken our small garden.  What a gift! The next man said “ I have a bakkie and can remove debris to the dump.  Another gift!

So, with these two valuable men and a small army of helpers (men and women) we set off to work.  Of course, it was hot and midday, but this did not stop the motivated group.

Like busy ants we chopped and carried…with jugs of cold water at hand.  The next gift…a sumptuous lunch awaited us, and we gathered around the table like chatting bees around the honeycomb! ALL were happy!!

In the words of a very dear teacher what came to mind was “There is nothing like a group of dedicated people!”  Of course, we were tired and hot – very hot but that was the body.  Our minds and hearts were sated with the comaradery of working with freedom in community!

Another working day will be announced so watch this space!

ALL students, teachers and parents are welcome.

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