Durban School End of Year Meeting

On Monday the Durban School of Philosophy held its end of the year meeting which ended in a delicious meal and warm fellowship.

Here are some comments –

“Thank you so much for the lovely end of year meeting last night , to meet interesting new students, the uplifting lecture from our leader Mr Lambie. Also the generous spread of delicious eats, drinks and friendship. Thank you” Sylvie

“Yes Sylvie. It was a inspiring evening. Great Company and Mr Lambie lending a juice shine and melody to our Life Meditations 🧘‍♀ 🧘‍♂ Thank You Kasthuri Praveena and Sunita, as well as others who helped make for a bountiful Meal.
I spoke to many of the younger initiates and it was only natural that they were able to comprehend Mr Lambie fully. A Leader of Note.”