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Presentation on Turkey on 16 February 2017

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St James Durban kicks off the New Year with a Smile

We started the year on Wednesday 11 January with 139 smiling faces and thankfully absolutely no tears at all.  The Grade One class were enthusiastic and very ready to begin “BIG SCHOOL.”  To tell you the truth, the Moms and Dads looked far more fearful than the children, but then this is often the case.…

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Sarajane visits Tuscany

Day 1: On the Wednesday morning 1st June 2016, the Tuscany Trio “Anna, Annelle and Sara Jane” left London for Rome, to walk the hills and hill towns of Tuscany, Italy, for 8 days. From Rome airport, we managed to secure a bus to the Rome Termi (central station). The bus trip, because of …

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The School of Philosophy KZN 2017 Courses


The first term commences Saturday 21st January 2017 to Friday 24th March 2017.

Learn to Meditate Properly. At the end of the first nine weeks students are technically able to meditate properly and are invited to return for the second term of nine weeks when the practice of meditation is combined with an …

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Durban: Learn to Meditate Properly – Starts 21 January 2017


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