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Mediatation Course Starts 24 January 2015 – All Welcome

A new Mediation Course will be starting at the School of Philosophy in Durban on 24 January 2015. For more information

Meditation Course 2015

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Meditation Course in Durban Starts on 11 October 2014

october flyer

For more details

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Daily Meditation Keeps me Sane


by Kanchana Moodliar

Yesterday, as I was driving to work I started to think about the workload and bills I had to pay in the upcoming week. My heart began to race, my breath became short and quick and this pain came across my right arm…which of course in the state I was in meant …

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Marsilio Ficino – Speaking Clearly and Powerfully to Modern Man

The School of Economic Science and Philosophy has had the privilege of translating the letters of Marsilio Ficino into English.  Thus far, 9 volumes have been completed.

Marsilio Ficino (1433 – 1499) made a vital contribution to the change in European society that took place in the Renaissance.  Men of influence throughout Europe drew inspiration …

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Saturday School – School of Philosophy, Durban

The School of Philosophy began in Durban during the 1960’s, and shortly thereafter the SchoolSatSchool game pass #1_96dpi Leader, Mr Lawrence Stretton, decided to form a ‘Saturday School’ for children between four and a half and 12 years of age.

Almost all parents, already in the adult groups, supported this venture, and about 30 children enrolled. They were …

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