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School of Practical Philosophy – Pietermaritzburg 2015

butterflySo much we do in life seems to be without a fuller, more significant, purpose. Sometimes we are lucky enough to encounter a way of living that changes everything, for the better. For over forty years the School of Practical Philosophy has provided a consistent and clear connection with ancient and modern teachings.

For many …

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The Stillness of Meditation

by Geraldine Somerset

I began my journey in the School of Practical Philosophy in 1992 and followed the path through to meditation.

I find peace in the stillness of meditating. Its difficult to express in words and not every meditation is the same. Sometimes meditation is a struggle to control the mind, while at other …

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Fire Department to the Rescue as the Sign gets Blown Over


The sign at the Durban School of Philosophy crashed down in heavy wind on 14th November 2014.

For the past decade the sign was the advertising board for St James School for Girls and Boys (the primary school that operates during the day) and the School of Philosophy which operates in the evenings and over …

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Meditation Course Starts 24 January 2015 – All Welcome

A new Meditation Course will be starting at the School of Philosophy in Durban on 24 January 2015. For more information

Meditation Course 2015

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A Visit to Chartres Cathedral – France

chartres stained window

“The civilization and culture one lives in have certain sacred centres which arouse emotion. These centres should be found out and brought to notice in a way that they could see the underlying divinity in the outward manifestations of the culture and civilization…the emotional power would be aroused.”
Shri Shantananda Saraswati

Ginny Koumantarakis, a member …

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