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Hillcrest: Quarterly Satsanga at the School of Philosophy

I had the pleasure of attending our quarterly Satsanga at the School of philosophy in Hillcrest. What Satsanga means is gathering together for the truth or seeking the truth. Its such a delightful experience to participate with fellow students. 

The Satsanga has a common format or theme set for each day, this includes meditation, small

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Public Talk: Philosophy and Justice

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Good Conversation with Friends

Philosophy friends enjoyed a happy coffee and conversation morning at St Clements on Sunday. Newest member of the school History Xolani slept through the entire soiree.

Whatever a person offers to Me with devotion and a pure heart, whether it be a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, that I accept, for it is

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Pietermaritzburg School gets a New Home

Kim Ward from the Pietermaritzburg school sent a picture of their new School house at 48 Ridge Rd (corner of Rutland,) Scottsville.

“We look forward to moving in soon and to hosting you all shortly thereafter for celebratory cocktails or something,” she said

Also dates for new starter courses in PMB are Tuesday Monday 24

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Meditation in the Mountains – The Inspiration of Nature

By Charles Somerset

These pictures are from the walk we did Sunday 28 May. It was organised by the Pietermaritzburg School as a day outing – Meditation and the Mountains.

The location was Highmoor, in the Kamberg area near Nottingham road.

We walked for 20 minutes and then each person stopped at a point just …

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