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The School of Practical Philosophy is intended for people seeking a broader view of Life and an understanding of Human Existence.  It is based on a variety of ancient and modern sources selected for their clarity and significance to our everyday lives. A methodical  and organisedstudy with practical guidance for persons starting on the journey […]

About Us

Origins of the School of Philosophy THE SCHOOL was founded in London by Leon MacLaren (1910 – 1994), who at the age of 16 resolved to discover justice and truth. Leon MacLaren’s initial undertaking was the study of economics, which was a real need at the time with the world still suffering from the effects […]

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KZN Courses

              You don’t need to have studied philosophy before, all you need is a desire to examine life and enjoy it more fully. The School of Practical Philosophy offers a journey of self-discovery that guides students towards understanding their own innate wisdom and an appreciation of the underlying unity […]

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This a a page of quotations, inspirations, words of wisdom and sayings from across the wide spectre of knowledge and inspiration. They have no particular theme . Please enjoy them, share them- repost them.

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The study of Plato has been an integral part of the School of Philosophy since the earliest days of the school. In Plato’s dialogues philosophy becomes alive and dramatic. Here are some talks on Plato.  

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